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Re: Internet Exporer in trouble again
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Don't tell me you give *any* credit to the recent Bit9 report?  This is
a report on application security in which any program included in
windows updates is automatically excluded (how else would IE and OE not
only miss the pole position, but skip the list entirely?), and any
program where bugs are publicly acknowledged is automatically worse off
than one which keeps the bugs secret.

Have a quick google about the report - opinion on the net is divided
into three camps.  There are those who think it was paid for by MS,
those who think Bit9 are trying a bit of FUD for self-promotion of their
services, and those who think Bit9 have simply done a terrible job here.
  "Never account to malice that which can be attributed to incompetence".

No one claims Firefox's security is perfect, but its holes are rare,
seldom serious, rapidly fixed, and generally require specific targeted
website exploits that are seldom seen outside the dark side of the 'net.
  I have never seen, heard of, or even read about a Firefox user
suffering worse than a browser hang or crash due to a security flaw.
The same applies to Opera.  On the other hand, I have seldom seen a home
computer with IE in regular use that has *not* suffered serious problems
with toolbars, popups, "search assistants" and the like.

Re: Internet Exporer in trouble again
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You missed the smiley - or forgot one!

Actually, as I said in another post, I banned IE at our office (outside
of a half-dozen officially allowed sites that demand ActiveX) many years
ago, and I have yet to hear *any* legitimate complaints.  Most people's
questions about Internet use are along the lines of how they can use the
same programs at home as they do at the office (particularly FireFox
with a few useful extensions, and Thunderbird), and how they can make
MSN safe (by using Pidgin instead of the MSN client).

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