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Hey Y'all,

I guess I made a mistake in a recent order to Futurlec in that I
selected 'Express' shipping.

Not knowing how much in advance express would cost I selected that
option and voila,
was slugged $50.

So, not a problem I thought, that was until I again checked tonight to
that may order status was still in 'Order Entered' mode from it being
placed on 05/02/10.

I understand that items may need to be collected from OS, but unless
Dave's 'Flux Capacitor'
can be used I don't see how this order could be considered express.

Maybe just a learning experience, and I'm hoping the fine Futurlec
people will help me on this, but right now I'm not a happy camper...

Re: Futurlec 'Express' shipping

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I wouldn't worry too much about order entered status, I remember having the same
status same day my order arrived. Possibly orders never advance past entered
state on the website.


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