Dontronics - Make Me An Offer

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Dontronics - Make Me An Offer

About 2 years ago, I knew the day would come that I would have to shut down Dontronics, so I have worked on getting the  
stock levels to as close to zero as possible. But of course I also knew I would be left with miscellaneous items. These  
handful of items are listed below. If I am lucky, they may get sold off to a wholesaler as a job lot. Barring that, they  
could well be dumped as rubbish.


This stock must be cleared in the next few months. Please make us a reasonable offer by sending an email to:
Please let us know "The Item", "The Quantity", and your "Offer". Standard Postage will be added to each order. And if  
you don't ask, you will never know.

All of the items below are linked via:


USB-RS232 Chinese Adapter cables with FTDI Chipset.
PoUSB12 Modules with CP2102 Bridge Chipset.

26 Pin IDC Cables 10cm Female to Female.

26 Pin IDC R/A Female Headers.
26 Pin IDC R/A Male Headers.

4d-USB-5V Kit of Parts. (+5V power from USB port)
B Type USB PCB Connectors.

All gold plated connectors
Dual-64pin Female Connectors. (32x2)
Dual-64pin Male Connectors. (32x2)
Single-30-Pin Female Header Pins.
Single-30-Pin Male Header Pins.
Female Header Pins. Set of 4. (2 by 6pin, 2 by 8 pin)
Stacker Pins Set of 4.

Jumper-Wires-100mm. Set of 10 Female to Female.
Jumper-Wires-100mm. Set of 10 Male to Male.
Jumper-Wires-50mm. Set of 10 Female to Female.

USB A Male to A Female Extension Cables.
USB A Male to B Male Cables.
USB A Male to B mini 5P Male Cables.

Don McKenzie
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Zero sympathy from me, after all these years of you spamming on

Re: Dontronics - Make Me An Offer
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Vot an unpleasant character you are

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