Dangers of LI-ion batteries

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These things are seriously dangerous, from exploding phones to exploding
kids scooters, to exploding vape-cigarettes

Texas Man Dies After Vape Pen Explosion Severs Artery to Brain


From personal experience I did once puncture Li-ion battery casing because
it was 'puffed up' so I thought I'd let the gas out.

Big mistake , it started hissing & went off like fire cracker.

Imaging what it's going to be like in a crumpled electric car after an
accident, its going to be a furnace for those trapped inside.

Also when the "share bikes" failed,  why are they allowing "share electric
scooters" on the roads, when each one is carrying a potential ticking fire
bomb that could do serious damage.

I guess they'll learn when they get sued for everything when some gets

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Re: Dangers of LI-ion batteries
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There have been a few such cases already, but for occupants it's not
much worse than leaking petrol catching fire after a crash. The main
difference is that it requires a large quantity of water to
extinguish (actually to cool the cells surrounding ones that are
already alight to prevent them catching fire before the burning ones
have burnt out), whereas petrol fires can be put out more easily
using firefighting foams. The burning cells also tend to launch
themselves like rockets out from the vehicle, which could injure
bystanders/firemen or start other fires nearby.

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Samsung survived their burning phone problems a few years ago. As
long as the trend for things like extremely thin smart phones
continues, there will always be a call for packing as much power
as possible into a very small space, and that need for increased
energy desnity leads businesses and consumers to accept these more
volatile battery chemistries.

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Re: Dangers of LI-ion batteries
Taupe wrote:
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Your Phone Is a Ticking Time Bomb

Your EV Is a Ticking Time Bomb too!!



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