li-ion batteries first charge

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Well I just got myself an ipod and wondering how to charge the batteries for
first time use.

Im sure that with Li-ion I can just do the standard charges making sure that
the first 3 charges are complete discharge/charge cycles.   then I can top
up whenever I want.

but I can remember somewhere u should charge some batteries for 24 hrs for
the first 3 charges.   thats probably with ni-cads or something like that.


Re: li-ion batteries first charge

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The instructions that came with my Acer laptop said to condition the
Li-Ion battery with 3 full charge/discharge cycles to start with.

Then normal use to only charge when the battery was discharged fully
through normal use.

Also, to remove the battery if the laptop was running on the adapter for
any length of time< (after the battery had been recharged).


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