TightVNC on Raspbian

Installed TightVNC on my B+ and then installed on two Windows machine (W7 and W8.1).

All seemed to be going swimmingly until I tried to close the Pi down.

It refused to fire up a terminal window (as an aside the shut down button on the tool bar at the bottom disappeared a little while back) and also refused to fire up the shut down prompt from the desk top icon.

I ended up shutting it down remotely using a terminal window.

Now when I boot up it appears to try and start a graphical interface, then drops back to a white screen with a login prompt.

If I log in here then it again tries to do something, and then fails and falls back to the white screen.

I haven't installed VNC to run on boot (as far as I know) so can't use that to put my hand up the Pi's back.

Haven't tried to ssh in. I've very little invested, so I may just put a new build on and go from there.

So, has anyone had similar problems with VNC?


Dave R

Windows 8.1 on PCSpecialist box
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