Getting Pi to work as a VNC client

I am trying to set up a Raspberry Pi (running Raspbian) as a remote
display using VNC. I.e. the Pi will be a 'listen only' client and my
laptop is the VNC server.
I'm getting absolutely nowhere! :-(
I have installed the TightVNC bits at each end, that's tightvncserver
on my xubuntu laptop and xtightvncviewer on the Raspberry Pi.
I have tried two ways to get this to work, first the conventional
Run 'vncserver' on the laptop, this appears to run OK and ps shows
an Xtightvnc process running.
Then run 'vncviewer x201' on the Pi (x201 is the name of my
laptop), it just says "vncviewer: ConnectToTcpAddr: connect:
connection refused. Unable to connect to VNC server"
Alternatively try getting the client to 'listen' for a connection:-
On the Pi run 'xvncviewer -listen -fullscreen' and 'vncconnect
tvpi' on the laptop (the Raspberry Pi is called tvpi). Nothing
happens at all, just silence.
The two machines can definitely see each other, they're on the same
LAN and I can ssh back and forth.
Chris Green
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Is either machine running a firewall that is blocking the vnc port?
The port should be 5900+display number for Xvnc or vncviewer or 5800+display number if you're using the HTTP viewer.
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Martin Gregorie
Dana Tue, 10 Feb 2015 15:35:57 +0000, napis'o:
On your server start:
vncserver :5 that is screen number 5
On the client (Pi): vncviewer x201:5
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Nikolaj Lazic
Ah, thank you, that sorted it. I hadn't realised the port number doesn't simply default to a fixed value.
Chris Green
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