Raspberry Pi hi-fi

I'm going to need an audio source, so I thought I'd try building my own with a Raspberry Pi.

I'll be playing ripped CDs, from a USB flash drive, and Internet radio.

It will certainly be more convenient than having my CD collection spread over two locations.

I now have a Raspberry Pi running Volumio, with a board-mounted DAC (Allo Boss) and a touch-screen.

It'll run into a Cyrus 1 amplifier and Royd Coniston 2 speakers; I've also played it via an older Cyrus 1 and Rogers LS/2s.

None of this is at the high end of hi-fi, but the two systems have been happily playing music for nearly 30 years each and I'm happy with them.

With the DAC, the Raspberry Pi is in an uttterly different league. I haven't had the opportunity to listen with much attention so far, but it sounds clear, unmuddied and noise-free, with no obvious anomalies in the output. The Volumio software is OK - I can live with its deficiencies.

There's no way to play CDs directly via an attached drive; they have to be ripped with iTunes first, but I hope some future update to the Volumio software might incorporate that.


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D.M. Procida
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I tunes, Bloody I tunes? Why use such bloatware? Can you not rip them with cdex or similar software? Brian Brian Gaff - snipped-for-privacy@blueyonder.co.uk

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Brian Gaff

I have absolutely no idea.


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D.M. Procida

Good feedback on DAC performance.

Loads of ripping software (allegedly) including RythmBox but if you have a way that works then you might as well stick with it as long as you can rip to a lossless format such as FLAC.


Dave R

AMD FX-6300 in GA-990X-Gaming SLI-CF running Windows 7 Pro x64
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I'm interested in putting one of these together. When you say different league - compared to what? The Pi on its own without the DAC?

Cheers, Rob
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It's not really a fair comparison of course, because with the Pi on its own I was using its headphone amplifier as a line-level source, as well its internal DAC/clocks/etc. Upgrading any one of those would have made an improvement, but the dedicated board upgrades them all.

I'd like to see how it compares with my CD player (some Cyrus model I bought second hand). I also want to see whether it makes a difference to Internet radio streams, despite the lower-quality source.

Up to now I've been using a Roku SoundBridge, which I've had for about

15 years. It struggles with higher bit-rate streams sometimes, like Radio 3's.

When I'm going to find the time to play the golden ears and do all this comparing, I don't know.


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D.M. Procida

Definitely rip to lossless and preferably FLAC. I use dBpoweramp on the PC and find it excellent, so configurable and checks the CRC of your rip against other peoples' so it can confirm you have an accurate rip.


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Bob Latham

I use RuneAudio on a pi3 to stream my music from a NAS server to a Marshall speaker in another room, and it works great for me

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