DAC + amp for Raspberry Pi

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I've had excellent experiences with several Allo DACs, and also the
Pimoroni pHAT DAC.

I now need a very small set-up to drive a pair of small bookshelf
speakers. It doesn't need to serve any thing bigger than a small
bedroom/office, so I hope that a DAC/amplifier combination will do the

What can you recommend?


Re: DAC + amp for Raspberry Pi
On 27/07/2021 20:56, D.M. Procida wrote:
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Dunno. I use a Rack mount 200 watt a channel studio amp. In fact two, on  
different setups. Plus the HifiBerry DAC for the PI zero

The DAC is not the problem - decent amps and speakers at a sane price,  

Possibly you could use a halfway decent PC speaker setup

If you want a full integrated solution the hifiberry power amp/DAC  plus  
a PSU to drive it is not bad but its costly.

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Re: DAC + amp for Raspberry Pi
Op 27-07-2021 om 21:56 schreef D.M. Procida:
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Last year Raspberry Pi bought IQaudIO. No new products yet but they  
still sell some of the old stuff. I don't have this one which seems to  
be what you're looking for:  
https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/iqaudio-digiamp-plus/ but I do have  
two PiDAC Zeros (no longer in the product line up) which have worked  
flawlessly for years.

Look at the "product brief" pdf with a table that shows which product  
supports what, most importantly: the DigiAmp+ only has speaker outputs,  
no line out, no headphones.

Re: DAC + amp for Raspberry Pi
A. Dumas wrote on 28-07-2021 at 16:09:
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Like this https://imgur.com/Wy9Qj0B

Re: DAC + amp for Raspberry Pi

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That's indeed one of the options, but I'd be interested to have some
feedback based on hands-on experience of it (or the alternatives, such
as the equivalent HifiBerry device).

I'm fairly sure that any of the available DAC + amp boards will be fine,
including most of the numerous Chinese models, that are probably made by
perfectly competent designers and manufacturers but don't offer the
reassurance of a recognised brand name.

There's even a high-end (or at least, expensive) made-in-NL Dutch
product - <https://dionaudio.nl/loco-dac-amp/ .  


Re: DAC + amp for Raspberry Pi
On 27/07/2021 20:56, D.M. Procida wrote:
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I went with a Prozor 5 way 4K HDMI switch with audio extraction, so  
which ever device is using the monitor can output sound to external  
speakers. It has both phono and optical outputs, so you've got a few  
options for amps and speakers.

I'm using the optical output to drive my old 5.1 Blu-ray home cinema  
system with the bottom half of the tallboy speakers removed so they sit  
on the desk and the bookshelf behind me. The centre speaker is on top of  
the stand behind the monitor, the sub woofer is hidden behind the desk  
drawers, and the main unit fits nicely in the gap between the drawers  
and the bottom of the desk.

It's all very discrete, but by god does it deliver some sound in a small  
home office! I actually prefer it for all round encompassing noise to my  
new Atmos capable 9.4.1 sound bar, rears and sub in the living room,  
which may be more aurally accurate, but is too subtle for my failing  


Re: DAC + amp for Raspberry Pi

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I bought an IQ Audio DigiAmp+, and a Raspberry Pi 3A to go with it. I
was lucky in a second-hand shop and found a pair of Sony CEX1 bookshelf
speakers for about ?6.

The combination needs a 12-24V PSU to drive it.

I'm amazed how loud it can get - louder than the speakers want to be
driven, and far louder than I need it to be. Switching amplifiers and
PSUs really are in a world of their own.

The speakers are really not bad - significantly better than most
bookshelf speakers of that size (for ?6, extremely good). They're still
the weakest link in the chain though.

It's a bit harder to judge the quality of the DAC/amplifier, as I don't
have anything similar to compare it with easily. For less than ?30, I'm
perfectly happy with what it has to offer.


Re: DAC + amp for Raspberry Pi
D.M. Procida wrote on 06-08-2021 at 23:51:
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Nice. Thanks for the update.

Re: DAC + amp for Raspberry Pi
On Sat, 7 Aug 2021 10:13:51 +0200

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e still
30, I'm

Looking at the spec and the price, it seems to be just about the best on the


Re: DAC + amp for Raspberry Pi

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I shoud add, I use Volumio as a music player. It's one of many MPD-based
options. It's a pretty reasonable one-stop system for turning a
Raspberry Pi into a dedicated music player.

There are lots of things about the user interface that I don't like, but
it also seems to be the most complete member of the RaspyFi-derived
projects (which also include Rune and Moode) and they all share the same


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