Raspberry Pi component/sub-assembly selection guides

I've been thinking about what a handheld computer COULD be. My image is heavily influenced by my recollection of Palm Pilot.

My needs include: >2 hours battery life 4" by 7" nominal form factor touch screen input using a stylus display will be entirely character mode (40 chars/line would be OK) OS GUI not required except to say where stylus is all software shall be FOSS {Debian derived much preferred}

I suspect even a Pi Zero should be able to handle most needs. I've not found found user friendly selection guides. A typical problem was not being able to know if a selection of components had mutually compatible I/O (electrical and physical).

I've never used a Pi and need something to give me perspective. I date back to days of CPM-80 on a S100 system. Suggestions? TIA

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Richard Owlett
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To be honest, that doesn't sound a very ambitious system, comparable to early 90's palmtops such as

minus the keyboard

Are you wanting to do this out of interest, or have you been looking for such a system and not found anything suitable? You could run a linux distro on any old android phone and wildly exceed your requirements

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Andy Burns

ld be OK)

*ROFL* Computationally it *AIN'T*! My mid-70's KIM-1 was powerful enough.

Wrong form factor. Mea Culpa: I intended 4" wide X 7" high as my target. Could not find image of the early Palm I was thinking of.


Not quite the right distinction. I have a specific application that a Palm device had power to solve. It lacked customizational capability.

*NO WAY*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything depending on Android &/or Google *FAILS* the "FOSS test"! P.S. I know corporate lawyers may disagree. 1st amendment protects their right to express erroneous opinions.

Back to *MY* question. "How do I select appropriate "Raspberry Pi components/sub-assemblies"?

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Richard Owlett

Do calm down a bit. It's a lovely day.

A Raspberry Pi running Linux has closed-source firmware under the open OS, but you can install whatever you like on top of that.

An Android phone or tablet running LineageOS has closed-source firmware under the open OS, but you can install whatever you like on top of that.

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Roger Bell_West

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