Protecting mono from upgrade, sound test

My copy of NOOBS is fully up to date, but because of an issue with the
usb port use, I had to install an old version V3.x of mono. How can I
protect that old version of mono from being updated in the future
I have just bought my first Pi (Pi 3B+), so familiarity is still low. I
plugged an earphone into the 3.5mm socket, expecting to hear some sort
of noise or beep from it, but nothing.
Is there a simple way to get the thing to produce some audio noise
please, just to prove it is working?
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Harry Bloomfield
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Point the chrome browser and play a video. Most of them have sound. If sound doesn't work, use raspi-config to change the audio options.
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Kees Nuyt
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Kees Nuyt
on 11/07/2018, Kees Nuyt supposed :
Thanks, I will try that..
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Harry Bloomfield

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