problem with video show: omxplayer with green screeen after first video / raspberry B

for presenting several art videos in a loop I would like to run
omxplayer several times in a loop. Unfortunately I got a green screen
after the first one:
If I use omxplayer several times from console without X, from the second
video on, the images of the video are replaced by a green screen.
I have a wheezy "Linux raspberrypi 4.1.13+ #826 PREEMPT Fri Nov 13
20:13:22 GMT 2015 armv6l" and a raspberry B.
After upgrading the system today, omxplayer with "--loop" works very
well, but a try with a second video fails. Any hints?
With kind regards
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Jörg W.
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Edit the videos you want to loop round into a single large video and loop that?
I'd try doing the edit with avidemux but others may suggest better programs to use.
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Martin Gregorie
I asked the omxplayer team to integrate --loop. Now we have that option and it's working very well. Thanks to omxplayer developers for the great work.
Now I'm not able to present two videos without reboot and I have no idea how to fix that.
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Jörg W.
For anyone still searching that found this thread - try upping the GPU memo ry:
gpu_mem=128 in config.txt
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