Owncloud cannot be installed on Raspbian 10 (buster)

Hi all,
just wondering how some people here managed to install NextCloud -- in my
default repo set (for Raspbian 10 / buster) I cannot even find it.
So I tried to install OwnCloud instead, but there are several packages
missing, too:
apt-get install owncloud
leads to complaining about not installable /
- libjs-jcrop
- php5, hence:
- php-assetic
- php-opencloud
- php5-mysql
- php-crypt-blowfish
and so on.
Is there an additional repo which has to be enabled first?
Thanks for any idea,
best regards,
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Markus Robert Kessler
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Using Docker, The Dockerhub image owncloud/server appears to work fine from buster. i.e. The web site starts.
Personally I use Syncthing, again under Docker.
I did have a look at how Docker installed owncloud but they appear to do this from a tar file, which they presumably build locally from git.
I can give you links how to install docker and run if you are interested.
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Probably using the install procedure on the Nextcloud web site. I?m going to give it a go myself in the next couple of weeks. I, too, would prefer a packaged solution, but . . .
The ownCloud packages that come with Raspbian have been horribly out of date for ages (I mean, PHP 5? Really?). I have no idea why they?re even still included with Buster.
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Doc O'Leary
Instructions to get proof of concept Owncloud running on port 8072
----- curl -sSL
formatting link
| sh sudo usermod -aG docker pi sudo systemctl reboot docker run -d -p 8072:8080 owncloud/server -----
or replace owncloud/server with nextcloud on port 8075 docker run -d -p 8075:8080 nextcloud
Takes about 10-15 minutes, tested on buster raspbian lite.
Perhaps they now put all their effort in the docker image, which AIUI is bang up to date. 10.3.2(stable) when I pulled it a couple of days ago.
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