"open with" - Getting rid of OpenOffice writer - applying brute force.

Hello all,
I think you might have noticed that I am getting a bit fed up with the
complexity and lack of information of doing something as simple as changing
the order and contents of the "open with" list. So I decided to approach the
problem from another side, going at it using the "gordian knot" method: I
just removed the OpenOffice writers .desktop entry (from
/usr/share/applications). Luckily, that worked (I have no idea what I
would have done otherwise), its entry in the "open with" list was gone.
So, I placed it back and pretty-much gutted it, after which I started to
build it up again (binary search much?). I now have a single entry which
causes both its application icon to disappear (even though I did not thouch
the "Icon=" entry), as well as its in-or-outof the "opens with" list:
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[Desktop Entry]
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And ofcourse, restoring the LibreOfficer-write.desktop file to all its glory and running update-application-database as well as update-mime-database /and/ rebooting doesn't restore the removed entries in the mimeinfo.cache file (and thus the program stays gone). What do you mean, "cache" :-(
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