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: Didn't IBM actually develop, but not sell a 1st or 2nd generation PPC
: chip that also had a x86 core?  Sure, it would have been back in the
: Pentium or Pentium 2 days, but that would suggest a hard solution
: wouldn't be too difficult.

Ahhh - the rumored PowerPC 615, the one that never surfaced.
If there ever was such a thing, it must have been encumbered
with lots of problems. Naaah, I do not think it ever was.

I believe the PPC615 was a mixup with the OS2 for PPC that
supposedly should 'run anything and everything' of the time.
As we all know, OS/2 died away shortly after. I for one,
mourned it. Not that it really matters, since OS/2 had the
more or less the same fundamental design as WinNT and most
of the same weaknesses.

As such, I kind of like the game consol approach - place
the OS in protected ROM, insert the application in the
CD-drive and run it. Remove the CD, reboot and - viola -
the machine is yet again cleaned out for any clutter the
application might like to leave behind.

Transforming this to the desktop would require the OS to
essentially be a database engine for the applications.
This extends to the filesystem, too. Installing an
application would be equivalent to establish a new
database record - A self contained container for
all the clutter associated with the application.

Shared files? Manintain linked lists of them in the
OS domain, including version control. Adapt the OS GUI?
Do it the same way where the OS behaviour is the combined
result of all linked lists, where every entry in the list
is contained to its own virtual protective box.
Uninstalling? Don't ask the application to do it
- let the OS clean out every database entry associated
with the application. I am sooo tired of reinstalling
systems merely because it has collected to much clutter.
And yes, this goes for Linux, too.

(As for abstracting the Video and Sound chips of the Xbox,
 isn't this what DirectX is supposed to do for you...?)

  Never ever underestimate the power of human stupidity.
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Re: Article on IBM PowerPC in Xbox Next (Radeon350) writes:

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As did Sega, with the original Virtua games for the Mega Drive (or Genesis
if you're on the other side of the Atlantic).

It's amazing how good Virtua Racing seemed at the time, and how naff it
seems now, but I digress.

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