Looking for experienced Raspberry Pi hobbyist/programmer for technical editing

I'm an editor with Alpha Books, and I'm looking for someone with a high level of knowledge of the Raspberry Pi to perform a technical edit on a beginner-level book. If interested, please contact me at brookfarlingdkcom.
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Brook Farling
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Just FYI - Your email address appeared un-munged as the sender of this post... And appears in the body of this post as my newsreader has used it to refer to your post...
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Gordon Henderson
My email address appears unmunged in every post I make - it's really not a problem.
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Rob Morley
I think it's less of a problem than it once was, but I still get occasional spam to an address variant that could only have been harvested from Usenet headers I posted 10 years ago.
Anyway, Gordon was pointing out it is futile to mung an address in the body when it is clear in the header.

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