[Kodi] Music plays only first 3 seconds of every song

Hi there,
after Gooogle I thought I give the good ol' usenet a chance. :-)
The topic pretty much covers it.
I try out Kodi (well, inside Recalbox) on my RB3 at the moment and
experience some unexpected behavior:
Whenever I play an album (or a folder) Kodi plays every song for 3
seconds and then skips to the next.
The songs are standard mp3, 128kbit CBR.
I'm looking for the log file right now, but maybe someone of you has an
idea whats happening!?
Robin Koch
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Robin Koch
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I don't know the techical term, but some music players have an option to only play a preview, rather than the full song.
Kev Wells 
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Kevin Wells

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