Can rPi-1 run in Android:TermlEmulator?

I understnd the new rPis are incompatible - 64bit or something.
But I'm hoping to run some of my old rPi apps in Android.
What's a minimal structure of a subTree, in the Android:TermlEmultr
like: TermlEmultr/etc TermlEmultr/usr TermlEmultr/bin ...etc.
that's needed; to be able to `chroot` to - to run rPi executables?
To start experimenting it would be good if I could find some ARM
static binaries [equivalent to the e3 editor for x86].
It seems that some apps that were completely viable on a rPi with
mouse-only [no kybrd] would be good to port to ARM:Android ?
Or what am I missing?
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No, the latest Pi3 and Pi3+ have 64 bit processors that can can run a 64 bit OS, but Raspbian uses 32 bit mode, and runs everything the older Pis do (with a tiny number of exceptions).
From the look of it Android Terminal emulator only allows you to run command line utilities specifically compiled for Android, and not Raspberry Pi executables.
It's not guaranteed this will work between different distros on the same Raspberry Pi, never mind Android.
You would be much better off getting an Android developer kit, and building your applications from source.
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Raspbian is a debian variant for the Pi, you can install Debian (or any other Linux distro) under Android at which point you have as good a chance as there can be to run your apps under Android. Search the app store for linux installer.
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