Avoiding interlacing - force progressive over HDMI?

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On my Pi2B videos have noticeable interlacing/deinterlacing artefacts  
which I would naturally like to get rid of.

It turns out that the Pi is sending 1080i which I guess might be the  
problem if the video files carry progressive video.

The TV's HDMI input allows 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p and 480i. I  
presume the Pi (Raspbian) has chosen the best /resolution/. But is there  
a way to force it to choose the best /progressive/ resolution?

I gather I should be able to force 720p50 in /boot/config.txt with  
hdmi_mode = 19 or something similar. But that's not ideal when swapping  
to other TVs. So getting it to choose the best progressive resolution  
would be better.

Any ideas?

James Harris

Re: Avoiding interlacing - force progressive over HDMI?
James Harris wrote:

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Try Libreelec?

- j -

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