Zenith model # A3241w

working on this set replace cx3231, HOT str53041, the set only click once and no hv need help on this set it's beating . do'nt have a sam on this set it have a 9-2003 board in it . i've repaired chassis almost like this one but this one is a pistol any help will be greatful a appreciated. i thought it was the fly but it not blowing any fuse or the HOT.

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if the HOT was out and you replaced it with a new one then you have 2 possible problems. you have a shorted flyback which is most likely or one of the low voltage taps have shorted diodes/caps! but in that case, you normally get a short attempt to start and shut down.

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did you try powering the set up without the HOT in place- if so did the psu come up ok with hv and low voltage supplied reading ok?

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If you haven't already, replace CX3416 (100 uf). The power supply won't run if it's bad. Here's a nice low tech diagnostic for the SMPS:

When you plug the set in you should hear a soft, sweet little squeak from the SMPS. If the set is in shutdown, you will hear this sweet little squeak when you UNPLUG the set.

Occassionally D3410 will be shorted. It will shut down the PS, but will NOT blow the line fuse. If D3410 is shorted you will hear the powerdown squeak mentioned previously.

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