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I just bought an Onkyo NR696 receiver and it has a maddening problem. When HDMI video starts from any source the first

1 to 5 seconds of video show before the audio starts. After much fiddling with settings, and discussions with the tech support people (with no success) I traced the problem down to the start sequence. Input to the Onkyo comes from a A/V server which runs 24/7. Video output from the Onkyo goes to an LG 65" 4K tv. The A/V server video comes from an NVidia 610 with TwinView. The VGA output of the video card goes to a monitor.

If I start the Onkyo before turning on the TV the delay in the audio is evident. However, if I turn on the TV before turning on the Onkyo the audio delay is gone. After turning on the TV I only have a second or so to turn on the Onkyo otherwise the TV goes into screen saver mode. Even when I manage the start sequence correctly, the Onkyo reverts back to the audio delay if I stop the video stream and start a different stream.

I want to make it clear that audio/video sync is not a problem. While video comes on immediately it starts with the audio muted for, as I said, 1-5 seconds and when the audio starts it is in sync with the video.

The Onkyo has a lip/sync feature which can be disabled but on or off that does not affect the audio delay.

Over the years I have had a number of receivers and none have had any such problem. A previous Onkyo NR616 did not have the problem and neither did a Denon 3313CI.

A google search revealed the others have complained about the problem as long ago as 2017 but that problem seemed to have been resolved.

I bought the Onkyo because the Denon HD radio tuner quit. The Denon wasn't without its own problems which included not even starting audio when switched between different inputs. I chose to get the Onkyo rather than have the Denon repaired, but now I wonder if I should just return the damned Onkyo.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Could the problem arise from some "improvement" in handling HDMI?

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I also ran a server with Nvidia into a newer Onkyo (now a Pioneer) but same issue. This solved this issue and others . Note I changed to Plex on an Apple TV and I?m happier than ever.

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issue. This solved this issue and others . Note I changed to Plex on an Apple TV and I???m happier than ever.

Thanks for responding. I will have to research the device before kicking in for $100.

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