what can I use to fill insulating container space so I can use less wax?

Ok, so, after careful consideration, I decided on using the recommended

50/50 mixture of beeswax and rosin to pot my two transformers. However, to save costs, I was originally going to try using a smaller housing, which would use 2 lbs of wax-rosin mix instead of the 6 lbs I would have originally needed, but instead of switching out the housings for a smaller one, is there something I can place inside the existing housing that's cheap, would also serve as an insulator like the wax will, and won't be burned or melted by the wax pour? The same idea as using extra stones or bricks in a toilet fill tank so it doesn't use as much water. Thanks!
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Jim Horton
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The mixture you are using is liquid at/below the boiling point of water, correct?

Blue-Board insulation is fire-rated and easily carved to fit. Balsa wood is easily carved, but not fire-rated. Dried (heated until completely dry) Bar-sand is cheap, but heavy relative to blue-board or balsa. It is also not electrically conductive, fireproof and may also be mixed directly into the potting mixture.

Note that the potting compound is not meant to insulate against heat, but should be able to absorb and dissipate heat to the housing.

Good luck with it.

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but is insulation

no, though in fairness nor is wax or rosin. Low density may prove a pain

yup. Pebbles also work, but heat it & sand to a bit over 100C before use. The traditional packing in pre-war wax-filled kit was card. Not fire rated, and makes a good wick. Not dampproof either.


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