Vintage CD Player optical laser pickup

Hello Everybody!!!

Well I really need your help now. I just got an old NEC CD-510BU CD Player, but somebody removed its laser pickup, and I have no idea which pickup it uses. I have tried contacting NEC but they did not help.

Well, but I do have some clues: First, manufacturing date of this player is april 1987. Also, the connectors for the laser assembly are just like KSS-210: a pair of red and white connectors, 8 pin each. But, a KSS-210 wont work mechanicaly: The KSS-210 expects the gear for the tracking mechanism to be located on the upper side of the CD loading mechanism, but this CD Player has the tracking gear located on the underside of the loading mechanism. So, a KSS-210 would fit but wouldnt move, obviously. Also, by looking at the grease pattern at the tracking gear I can tell that the optical pickup that was here before uses those two teeth strings connected with a spring, engaged on the tracking gear to move.

Well, that is all I know. I really appreciate ANY feedback as I tried everything I could but could not find the part number of the pickup this player uses.

Thank you very much!

Cheers, Bernardo Santos.

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I think you had better resign yourself to throwing it out..

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I'm afraid so, although I still have some hope I'll fix this thing.

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