VHS Genexxa recorder sometimes won't eject


We own a Genexxa (Radio Shack) VHS player/recorder, model 16-544 on the owner's manual, and model 107 on the machine's front. I don't know who made the Genexxa.

Rarely, tapes won't eject, but get stuck, then go back inside, and the unit powers off. Changing tapes doesn't help.

I've noticed a small spring at about the front middle of the base, in the interior. One end is curled and secured to a small piece on the base. The spring is horizontally straight for about 3/4 inch (2 cm), and the other end has a bend, but it's not apparent where it should attach. If someone can offer help, it would be appreciated.

If a picture would help, I'll provide one. :-)

Thank you, Dugie

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A Pic would help, as we don't have much to go on, you can email it to me and i'll take a look


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Having problems with camera synch, will send pict asap. Many Thanks.

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