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I got my new sim, for my trip, today, and the vendor was nice enough to including a warning that if one has not bought a data plan (and I was waiting until I got there) he should disable the cellular data or it will, when prompted to, connect to the internet as pay as you go.

Is it enough to disable background data, or will foreground data start downloading without my realizing it is data? Like if I look at a map and it decides to update the map? Of if I go to look at an already dl'd email, and it decides to get new email? I suppose even email would incur some minimum but substantial charge.

I have version 5 and it appears Android has made it very diffeicult to fullly turn off celluilar data. Only background data is fairly easy.

On the web< I looked into all thist. I have Android v.5, and somone writes in August of 2015: "There is NO convenient mobile data toggle. It does not exist. That's the point. A mobile data toggle existed prior to 4.1, as one of the setting icons, then they eliminated that toggle in 4.+, but 3rd party apps were developed as a work-around. Now, with 5.+ that wasn't good enough, so they blocked 3rd party apps so you can no longer disable mobile data without going through five menu steps to reach it. That means, when you are not in range of your secure WiFi you either run up your data bill or simply have a phone with basic messaging. Make your choice. That's it.

....We used to be able to use a 3rd party apps to toggle mobile data to stay within our data plans and now that is no longer feasible. It's really nasty and looks intentional as a way to hurt people on lower data plans by dinging them for overages or forcing them to purchase higher data plans because there isn't even an icon that shows if you are on mobile data or not. Hard to believe it's an oversight as you can clearly see the progression of changes from 3.+ to 5.+"

So I looked for mobile data toggle in the play store and there were 8 apps listed, but two of them did something else, and 6 of the rest had something wrong with them. Either they said they wouldn't work with v5, or users said that, or you had to root the phone to use it, or there's an update for 3 versions ending with 4.1.1

So is stopping background cellular data enough, or do you have a better idea?

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