Tektronix 3001GPX Power supply info needed

I've got a Tektronix 3001GPX, whose power supply* has bit the dust. The company that made it is out of business.

I need to find out it's specs so I can rig up a replacement. Does anyone:

o Have an old SSI Power Supply catalog (Circa 1993) with an entry for model 30-008-0001 REV 14

o Have service manuals for a Tektronix 3001GPX Logic Analyzer

o Have a dead 3001GPX with a non-dead power supply

// Wally Owen, tinkerer

*Power Supply estimated specs: +5V at maybe 20A, +-12 all with common returns, with enough current on the -12 to supply power to some ECL circuitry, and an isolated 12V with it's own return, to power the analog circuitry.
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Wallace Owen
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You can go to the Tektronix web homepage and sign up for mytek (follow the link). This will give you access to the manual downloads. The big problem is the MCU service manual is missing the schematics, but it still has very useful information including power supply troubleshooting. The 3001 service manual has some schematics. Just use the mytek manual search to locate the

3001 and MPU manuals. Unfortunately the only other PRISM on-line manual I have been able to find is a special fixture manual. 070-7413-03: 671-0058-XX MPU Board (missing all schematics) 070-6676-01: PRISM 3001 and 2505 TestLab (has some schematics)

The PRISM power supply has a complex start up sequence that involves things like temperature sensors on the remote boards. You can hear a relay engage when you plug the 3001GPX into its AC power source and part of the MCU board will run off a special supply voltage without powering up the main power supply. When you flip the main power switch (a 12 volt DC rated switch) from Standby to On, all you are doing is asking the MCU logic board to consider powering up the analyzer. If the MCU board decides to power up you will hear a relay click to power up the main power supply, the noisy 12 volt fan will come to life and it will boot up. You may not actually have a bad power supply. There may be other problems that prevent the MCU board from issuing the start up sequence. At least one of the relays is still manufactured, but the 070-6676-01 manual parts list miss-identifies the coil voltage as 120 VAC while the manufacturer part number indicates its really a 12 volt DC coil. Without the MCU board schematics I have no way to tell what might go wrong with the power startup.

Please let me know if you find a source for the MCU schematics as I am looking for them. My 3001GPX does not always power up, but it works fine after it finally does.

Beware, I have seen eBAY auctions that try to sell CD versions of the FREE on-line manual PDFs.

I have identified the Tek part numbers for these manuals, but have not found the actual manuals yet.

070-6672-04: 3001 SYSTEM, User's manual 070-8465-00: 32GPX, User's manual

There is also a 32GPX Acquisition Module Service manual that I have no part number for.

Mike B

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