switching on ibm pc 300gl psu?

How do you turn it on it has no green or black-brown-blue-white wires like regular at psu with switch going to/from mentioned mains wires ? this one has some different system(I do not think ac is going up the connector to mbd to switch and back)

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Black and green on the locking tab side of plug is power on 20 pin ATX style supply. You're saying this does not exist? The 300gl being quite obsolete might be hard to find technical errata on the PSU if proprietary.

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If I remember correctly that machine PSU has a three pin connector with two wires, one white, one gray, that need to be shorted together. Should be about 4.5 volts between them OC.

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As Baron says, there will be one PS_ON wire that is pulled up to +5VSB via a resistor. AFAICS, this means that when the PSU is in standby, there will be two live wires -- one for +5VSB, and the other for PS_ON. You should be able to determine the +5V, +12V, and Ground wires by testing for continuity with the hard drive Molex connectors.

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