12 volt peg perego

I have an older model 12 volt peg perego which runs on 2 -6volt batteries. The nine wires are disconnected and I have no idea how to put them into the two switches to make it run again. One switch has 6 prongs the other has 3 prongs. The wires colors from one battery is white/red and white/black with a brown wire attached. the other battery wires colors are a solid blue and a solid yellow. The wires coming from the vehicle are, Brown (attached to the white/black of the battery) Red, Black and Green. There is the battery charger switch which has smaller gauged wires which there are

2 wires yellow and gray. Does anyone have any idea how to put it back into working condition? I would be ever grateful for any help. Thank you!

p.s. I tried the company for schematics with no avail.

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peg perego seems to be a brand name, I'm guessing this is mose sort of child-sized electric vehicle

the 6 prong switch is almost certainly for forwards/reverse the three prong could be a speed controller or could be to switch from charging to riding mode.

expect something like this:

\ | | | `+------+--------' or if the motor has 4 wires, like this

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