Sony TV KV-32S36 Audio works but no Video ?

Noticed today that the audio is fine but no video. Local repair shop wants $100 just to work on it - or a $20 estimate.

Stereo Tv's are cheap nowadays - should I just scrap this 7 year old TV?


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I recently had my Sony KV32S22 serviced (yes it was also about 7 or 8 years old), and it cost me a total of $169 Canadian after all was said and done. It was also a $20 esitimate which was applicable to the repai carges if I chose to do them. For $20, I fiigured, I had nothing to loose to see what was wrong.

Turned out that it was mainly 2 ICs that were blown. IC351 (which I believe is a Sony CXA2025 Y chroma/jungle IC ), and IC561 which I'm not 100% sure what it is, but I think it has something to do with vertical deflection circuit. I was charged for the 2 ICs, some shop supplies, and 1.5 hours labour, which I think is quite fair. They verified quite a few other components also, gave me a detailed list of what was also checked, and gave me a 90 day warranty on the repair, which I think is fair.

Definately cheaper than replacing the complete TV. I really liked the image quality on the unit. It would have cost me over $500 to get a TV with a similar image quality, and then I'd be stuck replacing the whole TV/Stereo furniture unit, since there is no other 32" TV which would fit inoto the opening. Most of the new models have thier speakers on the side, which would never fit into the openning. And I would not go back down to a 27" just to fit in the opennning, and replacing the wall unit, would be another $300 to $400 anyhow. So overall it was cheaper to repair.

Good Luck..


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twidly: geeze man.... for a measly $20 get going and get an estimate so you can make an intelligent repair decision on this nice, not too old Sony. As long as the picture was bright and clear right before it failed it will certainly be worth considering a repair. Most other shops will legitamately charge more than that for an estimate fee, after all, it takes time and test equipment... and know how... to determine what is wrong. Usually the estimate fee will apply to the repair invoice if you want it repaired, if not then your money paid for the facts you needed to make a decision. electricitym =============

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