Sony PSP Screen Replacement??

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I hope that I'm not OT, but no one can answer this...

I'm a netwok engineer who has loads of experience repairing everything else. My roommate has a USA PSP with a broken screen. Now, if I'm not mistaken, all PSPs sold in America have a Samsung-made screen.

There is a guy on eBay selling brand new Sharp-made screens for the PSP for a great price. I know that Sharp was the OEM LCD provider for all the Japanese PSPs. Am I correct in assuming that the Sharp screen will be a "drop-in"? I was told the only difference between the units was their firmware--ie. the American PSP could only play M1 UMD MOVIES, but the GAMES would play on either a Japanese or USA model.

So question: Can he buy the Sharp screen as a replacement? I can put it in as long as the pinouts match up with the Samsung!

Thanking you in advance for your help and knowledge.


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Dr. Ron
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I've never taken one apart but... If they use the same boards, connectors, and other hardware it is probably a drop-in replacement. However, you should find a group devoted to this device and ask there. I would not reccomend asking the seller of the replacement screen as they might say it fits just to make the sale.

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Jumpster Jiver

I'd say absolutely ask them, then if they tell you it fits and it doesn't, you have leverage to obtain a refund.

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James Sweet

Here's the take apart on the PSP

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I just Googled and found many other sources for the LCD, cheaper too.
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I just replaced a screen in a Gameboy Advance SP and needed a triwing driver. Don't need that here. Should just be a simple drop in. Careful with that flex and clamps. I use a very fine needle nose to extract the flex and plug in the new one grasping by the reinforcement. If you buy it off ebay I would definately ask many questions. It gives you a good feel for the person you're dealing with. Any reasonable seller will give you a guarantee the part works with your system. Richard

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