Sony PS-LX520 Turntable

Unit plays, but the stylus is picking up rumble from the motor. Direct-drive unit; all's quiet until the stylus lands on the record. It's quite pronounced if listening through headphones. Tried using an isolation mat & playing w/ the platter mat upside-down; no dice. Is it possible that I may need to re-lube the motor? Other ideas?

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Filter the input to the drive coils of the motor, or even make circuitry to supply sine-waves to the coils. That should reduce motor-rumble quite a bit.

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Sjouke Burry

I saw some commentary re a PS-LX510 with rumble problems, that suggested that the lubrication (oil or grease) in the bearing might have become sticky with age. The recommended solution is to wash the old lubricant out of the bearing with a suitable solvent, and relubricate.

Is the motor on this model suspended from a subchassis using some rubber grommets or standoffs? If so, these have probably dried out with age, and are no longer acting as shock and vibration isolators and dampers. The motor may need to be dismounted, and then remounted with new grommets or O-rings or whatever.

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David Platt

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