Sony HCD-H5 service manual

Is there someone who could send me te service manual of a Sony Compact Disk HCD-H5 ?

Thanks in advance.


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Hans Puype
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The PDF is 6.93 meg. Can you take an attachment of that size?

you can e-mail me direct at:

and reverse the "labolgcbs"

Mark Z.

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Mark D. Zacharias

Hello Mark, I'm looking for Sony HCD-H5 service manual so as Hans. I receive 'host unknown' when i send you an email Could you send it to me ? Thank's in advance Hubert

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Hi Mark

Any chance I could get a copy of the file? I have a problem with my unit that the authorised repair centre can't figure out. I can take a file of that size.

Many thanks Carmen

(carmen dot morris at bigpond dot com)

Mark D. Zacharias Wrote:

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What is the problem that you have with it ? It's quite an old unit, and there's several of us on here who will have worked with these for a long time, and might be able to give you a clue, or indeed, tell you exactly what the problem is. IIRC, there are a couple of electrolytics that leak, and the

5v regulator goes bad.


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