Sony CDX-L400X car stereo, intermittant FM reception

Help wanted:

I have a Sony CDX-L400X car stereo which is less than four years old. Intermittently the FM reception fades away, and the stereo indicator goes with it, as though signal is being lost. However the seek tuning still finds all the FM channels fine. AM is unaffected as is the CD.

The unit is on my workbench in a state that I can get to everything. No amount of heating and freezing seems to make the fault come or go, it is quite random. Usually it works when the radio is first switched on and fades away after some minutes, but will occasionally work for a few minutes too. The signal nearly always fades in and out over some seconds, making a dry joint very unlikely.

Has anyone come across this kind of fault?

Alternatively, anyone have a scrap unit with maybe a defective CD player or facia?

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