Sharp VCR heat problem?

I just finished repairing a Sharp VC-H870C HiFi vcr (dirty mode switch - thanks to this newsgroup and the vcr repair faq's on the net). It's working well, but the ammount of heat coming off the power supply has me a little concerned. It's a linear supply, and most of the heat is coming off the transformer. A thermometer sitting on it reads 60 degrees centigrade while it's playing. It's not blowing fuses, and everything else seems to be ok. Would the heat be any cause for concern? (I'm not a repair tech, just a hobbyist)

I know it's an old unit, made in 1991, but considering the abyssmal quality of construction of most vcr's nowadays, I'd rather use this one rather than buy another. It's built like a tank, and the record and playback quality is excellent.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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60 Deg C or 140 Deg F is not a horrible problem, it should be OK as long as you don't see other issues like smoke or overheated components in the subsequent VCR circuitry.... or visual/audio symptoms that could be related to the power supply ..... if it gets about 10 or 20 Deg hotter than I would start to be concerned and start checking other things. electricitym

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