Sata Power cable adapter question

I noticed that power supplies that provide SATA cables have 5 wires going to the drive. In order the colors are yellow-black-red-black-orange. The little cables that connect to the IDE molex connectors have only yellow-black-red-black. What is the orange wire for in the power supply cable?

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Mike Paff

Thanks. The molex-sata power adapters don't have 3.3v then. Do SATA drives need 3.3v?

See my next post for explanation.

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En el artículo , root escribió:

Yes. But if they are fed 5v they will use that and convert it down internally.

As you surmised, a 4-pin Molex has 12v (yellow), two 0v (black) and 5v (red). A SATA power connector has an additional 3.3v wire (orange).

What you MUST NOT do, if the drive has both Molex and SATA power connectors on the back is connect both. Either is fine but never both.

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Mike Tomlinson

I just read that other thread. If both connectors were used disregard what I said.

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Jeff Urban

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