Sanyo AVM3689G Shorted HOT

Anything else I need to be concerned with before replacing the HOT? Any known issues I need to look for? I searched for information on this model with no luck. I wiil reflow flyback and driver transformer, if nothing else. Thanks.

Sanyo Model # AVM-3689G Chassis # G5D-3689G1

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One of the causes for the HOT to fail is that over time it may loosen up on the heatsink. And or loose thermo contact, and thus overheat. when this device goes shorted, it can also damage other parts.

Some other causes of HOT failure are, defective flyback and or the HV multiplier, components in the HOT circuit area such as capacitors going out of value, failure of any of the diodes or other components in that area, and or loss of pulse drive to the HOT.

The related circuits would have to be troubleshooted to know if there is anything else that has been damaged.

A quick and dirty way to know, is to change the immediate defective part, and see how long it lasts! If it blows again, and or nothing still works, then you know there are other faulty parts.

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