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Hi im looking for digital oscilloscope.I checked the ebay and seen lots of auctions for Rigol oscolloscope.I don't know this company and want to ask you if its a good one.If somebody had it can you tell me a little bit about it? What for example the difference between some models of Tektronix or Fluke?Thanks

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I just bought a Rigol DS1102E Oscilloscope. I am a young Electrical Engineer so the only oscilloscopes I have used were the fast digital Tektronix oscilloscopes at my university and work. Obviously the Tektronix scopes I have used are better but for the $715 I paid, the Rigol oscilloscope is great! It doesn't feel like a cheap piece of equipment and it's very easy to use.

From what I read online, it sounds like Rigol is a branch of Agilent, just that they sell lower end oscilloscopes.

The Rigol scopes are high quality yet inexpensive, I would highly recommend one to another person.

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