can a guy who has never fixed a tv fix a tv. I have a rca p56927 projection tv and it just went black and started making a clicking sound. I would like to fix it myself instead of paying the $400 I was quoted. I only paid $900 for the TV.

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You might get lucky or you might easily make it into more of a boat anchor. If you have no experience with these sets, even a good tech might chase his tail. What did the shop that did the estimate say that they found wrong with it?


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Leonard Caillouet

Picture went out on TV that we LOVE it is 17 years old but alway been excellent. We have sound but just blank screen. Was like poof its gone... Help looking for ideas of what to do we think picture tube. Hard to fix?? Need expert?? Do they even make parts for a

Model # G26231TN

Serial # 934251010


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The tube is fine, they rarely fail and when they do they don't just go out like that.

My guess is a cracked solder joint, probably on the neck board, might not even need any parts. You'll have to get someone who can solder and knows their way around inside a TV to look at it.

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James Sweet

Hi! Does anyone have a 20 inch RCA TV DVD Combo they want to sell? Vince

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