ProScan PS27123 CRT goes dead after 15 to 20 minutes

This ProScan PS27123 is a great television, it worked great for years, resolution and image quality are exceptional.

Unfortunately after 9 years of loyal service, it started acting up.

When I switch the set ON it starts normally, but after 15 to 20 minutes the CRT goes black but sound still works. If I switch it OFF and wait +/- 1 hr, I can re-open it and it will do it again.

Any guidance to what I should look into will be greatly appreciated. I want to keep this TV, but dont want to loose my shirt getting it to a sefvice center.

Thanks to all,

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From the age of the set, there are some components that have become thermo sensitive. With proper troubleshooting an experienced TV tech should be able to locate these parts, and replace them. The cost should not be too much. The main cost would be the labour.

Take the set for an estimate to find out what they would charge to do the work. This is something an end user would not be able to do himself.

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Is it sensitive to vibration? Try thumping it lightly on the side before it acts up and see if that causes it to lose picture.

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James Sweet

It's a CTC169. I've had 2 in the last couple months that had this problem and it was a bad HV transformer in both cases. Check your 140v on the collector lead of the horiz output and see if it drops to zero when the picture disappears. Pretty strange, I've also had intermittent open flybacks on a couple of 187s recently.

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I can tell you all... How ever you must be able to do... can you?

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