Phillips 26PFL4507/F7 LCD TV: PS OK, nothing else works

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Hi everyone,

I have a Phillips 26PFL4507/F7 LCD TV.  The Power Supply board was
fried (fuse blew).  I ordered a new PS, but the TV still appears dead.
Here's what I do know:

1) The standby voltages are OK.

2) The capacitive touch power button works.  I know this because
touching the power button turns on the remainder of the PS voltages.

3) Per #2, the 3.3v, 5v, and 21v and 24v supplies all turn on.

4) None of the indicator lights work, not even the power light (the
LED is good per DMM readings).  

5) The Base of Q3502 seems to be at ground, which would indicate the
Power LED signal from the DSP is correct, however, the Base of Q3501
is also at ground.  Therefore one or both of these transistors are
probably bad (probably Q3502).  

Other than the above observations, the entire set appears dead.

I hesitate around #5.  If one transistor is bad, perhaps to the
original blown Power Supply, I wonder what else might have blown.

I could order a new Digital board, but if the original problem was the
LCD display, and that display is still bad, I will have put more money
(and time) into this set than it is worth.

Has anyone had any experiences with this line from Phillips?

Any help would be appreciated.



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