Philips 27PT6442/37 will not turn on.

Hello everyone, having another problem with Philips. TV set will not turn on. Heard relay clicks after plug it in. After pushing power button green LED goes on for about 15 seconds then light goes of for about 7 seconds and then starts blinking (3 blinks, pause 2 blinks, pause and 1 long blink about 3 sec.). I would appreciate any help. Mike.

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Hi Mike- I've got the same thing going on. Rumor had it I could just replace the fuse next to the power input, but that has not worked.

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could be any number of things. power supply may be in protection due to a short on one of the outputs or line stage. could be bad frame chip. bad caps. some philips sets had duff CRTs. bad soldering. bad micro..... you'd be better off taking it to a repair place. A tech will soon be able to identify the cause.


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