P1130 21" Sony Monitor

Just a purely informational request.

I've had this monitor forjust under 3 1/2 years (the warranty was for

3 - damnit :P). I want to keep it - though I have already purchased an LCD to replace it, if temporarily.

Anyway, the monitor still works well. The only complaint I have is that every so often, the focus of the screen suddenly goes out of whack. It is *not* less in the center and it does not seem to be a 'shift' towards any direction.

In the defect's infancy (for this monitor :)), after 5 minutes of this, there would be a slight pop and the focus would return to it's normal state (or so I think). The other way around this was (and still is) to shut the monitor off for almost any length of time - from a few seconds to a few minutes - andthe time left off didn't seem to affect the recurrence of the problem...

... except for the inevitability... time. The problem occurs at least once a day and sometimes rears its head after 10 minutes for several recurrences. It has also come to the pont that the popping doesn't happen anymore (admittedly I haven't fully tested this - but the popping always occurred within 5 minutes).

I've read the very long FAQ located at

formatting link
but it's well over my head.

Since CRT's are a dying breed - does anyone have a clue what is wrong? This way I can see if repairing it is worthwhile (even if it's a few hundred!). The brightness is still very good (If there has been any degradation, I haven't noticed) and everything else performs as I remember: it's a very good mointor.

I appreciate any feedback - whether positive or negative, chiding or kind.


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The high voltage multiplier may be defective. In most CRT monitors, this device is part of the flyback assembly. There are other support components that can cause some types of problems.

The set should be properly checked by a tech who has the proper training and service experience.

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This is a defective CRT, I have one that does exactly the same thing and have messed with a couple others. Sony had a bad run of tubes, there's nothing you can do, however I find mine only acts up once in a blue moon, and a power cycle or two will usually "fix" it.

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James Sweet

Wow, thanks all! Good advice here. I found a good online shop that sells the same montiors so I may just order another backup CRT.

As one of the posters have mentioned - the problem is very sporadic. As soon as I power down, it could rear its ugly head in a half an hour or two days.

I guess it's just a fact of life (but strangely, every other monitor I've had has lasted for 7 years plus easily) that this just simply happens.

Again, thanks for the advice all. Good reading. :)

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