Old TV sets for parts or repair, SE Alabama

I have a bunch of old non-working TV sets, mostly 19" and 25" (and 3 consoles in wood cabinets) for parts or repair. Located in southeast Alabama (near Dothan) Most are intact in the case (not cannibalized). Just want a few bucks each for the parts or scrap value. I have at least

25, maybe as many as 40 or 50. My email in the header is valid. I do have a list now of most of the 19" model numbers. Someone was interested in used 19" picture tubes (possibly for arcade game repair) but never followed up.
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Go to:

antique radios.com

and then maneuver to old tv sets and post there.

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Why don't you go hump a pile of garbage.

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That's exactly what he's trying to get you to do.

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Ian Field

LOL. Only I once knew someone who picked up dead TVs from the side of the road and turned them into considerable cash before disposing of the carcass. He took them apart and built linear amps for CBs back in the 70's, typically getting $200 to $300 from each dead set. Wish I'd kept in touch with him. He was a card.


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