offer: nicd and nimh rechargeable battery

Our company produces AAA, AA, A, 4/5N, SC, C, 2/3D, D size rechargeable batteries. We also can provide the rated voltage, capacity, size of battery packs. Our products have passed ISO9001-2000 and Germany Rhine TUV Safety Certificate.

ni-cd rechargeable battery's size and capacity: AAA300mAh, AAA350mAh, 4/5N450mAh, 2/3AA300mAh, 2/3AA400mAh,

2/3AA500mAh,4/5AA600mAh,AA500mAh,AA600mAh,AA700mAh,AA800mAh, AA900mAh, AA1000mAh, A1200mAh, A1400mAh, SC1200mAh, SC1400mAh, SC1600mAh, SC1800mAh, C2000mAh, C1800mAh, C2500mAh, C2800mAh, 1/2D2000mAh, 1/2D2500mAh, 2/3D2500mAh, 2/3D3000mAh, 2/3D3500mAh, D4000mAh, D4500mAh, D5000mAh, D6000mAh, D6500mAh

ni-mh rechargeable battery's size and capacity: AAA500, AAA600, AAA700mAh, AAA750mAh, AAA800mAh, 2/3AA600mAh, AA1500mAh, AA1800mAh, AA2000mAh, AA2200mAh, A1800mAh, A2000mAh, A2200mAh, A2300mAh, SC2500mAh, SC2800mAh, SC3000mAh, C4000mAh, C4500mAh, D8000mAh, D9000mAh.

Good quality, the best price and after sales service. Products are recognized with minbo logo. OEM and ODM services are provided. If you need more information please contact me at any time. Welcome to contact us!

Address: No.428 Daixi Third Road, Zouping County, Shandong Province China Linkman: Mr. Peter King Tel: 86-543-4354146 Fax: 86-543-4354146

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