need calibration info, dbx 224, 222 noise reduction

Hi. Looking for instructions on how to calibrate (i.e., tweak the many little pots inside) a dbx 224 or 222 type II noise-reduction unit. I have several of these and a couple of them are way off with respect to recordings I have made, and I cannot be really sure about one other, since a recording once done on it sends a newer 224x model into gasping fury.

I actually once HAD an instruction sheet for the calibration, sent me by a kindly tech at dbx back when it was being spun off as Carillon Inc. Unfortunately time and tidyness have made off with the procedure, which involved a test-tone generator, an oscilloscope, and so forth.

I have googled, yahooed and ebayed to find only sales brochures, installation and user manuals, but no service info or bulletins on the subject. But I KNOW there were once a body of professionals who would occasionally have to repair or bring these units back to original factory specs and curves. Surely the knowledge is still around.

The music on the reels recorded with dbx type II still sound wonderful and fresh when the decoder is working right-- but the unlistenable horrors when they are mistracking!!! Like a child annoying his daddy by toying with the volume control on a stereo.

Any help you can give is appreciated. Thanks--


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