Random Timing Echo Noise Reduction

Downwardly mobile types in apts may have noticed that it is 100% useless 95% of the time to tell the meth head next door to turn down the music at 2 am.

The cops appear and within 45 seconds after the cops leave the building the noise reappears.

The reason the meth heads are making noise in the first place is that they are lonely and need in person attention.

They will be overjoyed that you called the cops on them!

There is one and only one way to bring noise makers to the table.

Make even more noise.

Energy is cheap so the solution is cheap:

A cheap mic + a cheap random delay + a cheap woofer bolted to the dry wall.

Play back whatever they are playing with a 20 dB increase in volume with a delay that is constantly changing.

The choice is now in the hands of the meth head.

Does the meth head want noise?


The meth head gets noise!

Does the meth head want the echo to stop?


All the meth head needs to do is to turn off the noise.

This could be sold under the trade name "Golden Rule" for $30.

Bret Cahill

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Bret Cahill
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