Mitsubishi model CS26201 dark pix

The customer said that while they were watching the set they thought that they heard a slight pop. The picture then seemed to be a bit darker. I looked inside for anything obvious and didn't see anything. The picture actually looks good most of the time except for VERY dark scenes. They seem to be VERY dark with saturated chroma. This set is a different chassis than the typical PIP module issue so that is not the cause of this. I attempted to raise the screen control a little and it will raise slightly but not enough to show retrace lines. If I had a remote come in with this set I could try the brightness and contrast controls but the customer doesn't have one. My universal remotes will not get me into the customer picture adjust menus so I can't see if trying to make those adjustments would help. This is a 27 inch plain vanilla set. I don't want to tell this guy he needs an OEM type remote only then to find out he needs a repair as well. The guy uses the set with his video game and has apparently been without a remote for years. Does anyone have any ideas on this problem, or is there any history of picture issues with this model that anyone is aware of? Thanks, Lenny

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