Looking for a laser toner vacuum cleaner

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Today I had a small very minor toner spill (the volume of a two penny
piece) to sort out today inside my laser printer, so after heading all
the advice about not using a domestic vacuum cleaner - I threw caution
to the wind, selected SWMBO's least favorite bagless vacuum cleaner and
hoovered it up. No drama there, no explosions, no redecorating required,
nothing. Then again, that cleaner is soon off to the dump for basically
being pathetic.

However looking forward, this is probably one of the things fate says I
won't get away with next time. I've been looking at the price of 'laser
service toner vacuum cleaners' and also have a need for something that
can clean up dust without creating a lot of static electricity in the
process, this is for electronics hardware I repair.

3M sell a toner cleaner that would be suitable, but for the price!

  3M - 497ABF - VACUUM, TONER 277.42 plus VAT

Any much cheaper options out there that someone is satisfied with?

Adrian C

Re: Looking for a laser toner vacuum cleaner

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Also price the fireplace vacuum cleaners.  Some of the fine ash from a
wood burning fireplace is comparable in size to laser toner.  

That said, I have a small (2 gallon) wet/dry vacuum that I purchased
at a local yard sale for $10US and it has (so far)  survived five
years of fireplace ash removal.  I keep the foam inner filter on the
vacuum and I replace the paper outer filter when dirty (probably every
year or so).


Re: Looking for a laser toner vacuum cleaner
Adrian C Inscribed thus:

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FWIW I use a cheap £29 bagless vac from the Local supermarket for these
fine particle jobs. If you are really bothered, use a wrap of kitchen
roll and elastic band round the air filter.  Much cheaper than a new
filter !

Best Regards:

Re: Looking for a laser toner vacuum cleaner

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Any vacuum cleaner with a paper, not cloth bag.  I have several
ancient household vacuum cleaners with paper bags that work just fine.
I've tested them for toner leakage and haven't found much leaking
through.  Just to be safe, I made a crude 2nd filter to attach to the
air outlet port, but found that it doesn't collect much black toner. I
also have a flex hose to attach to the outlet that lets me exhause the
dust outdoors.  

The bad news is that the toner dust seems to be the exact size to clog
the paper bag.  It will sometimes act like it's full, well before it's
stuffed with dirt and debris.  I have to use more bags than normal,
and find myself "cleaning" the bag ouside with my compressed air hose.
I suspect that the commercial toner cleaner bags have the same
problem, but have never bothered to use one regularly enough to fill a

So, instead of buying an expensive toner cleaning vacuum cleaner, just
buy a supply of paper bags for a household vacuum cleaner.  Much
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Re: Looking for a laser toner vacuum cleaner
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Similar here. Get a domestic model that uses plain paper bags, no origamied
exit port ones. Then any old vacuum cleaner bags will do (cut down if
necessary), not constrained to some exorbitant priced model of bags. The one
I use has a cloth bag inside (presumably should the paper bag split) then
the standard paper bag outside and I fix another paper bag around that, as
the pores soon clog, fixed over using large elastic bands .

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