Looking for 6" paper edge speaker

I need a bunch of 6" or 6.5" cheap-ish quality speakers. They need to be "extended range" paper edge types, not foam edge low freq drivers. The application will be in miniature 4-12 style guitar spkr cabinets. There are spkrs in them now, but they are more of a woofer style with rolled cloth edge and they don't sound so hot for guitar use.

I've checked all the "usual suspect" surplus houses, and the closest I came up with was these:

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These *may* work fine, but I'd like more options. Maybe something that has a 1" coil for a bit better low end response. I can't believe that vanilla 6" speakers are so hard to find these days. There are guitar specific 6" drivers made by Weber and Jensen, but for the qty I need I don't think they are worth the asking price. They're nothing more than mediocre quality drivers to begin with. Anyone know of anything else out there that I may have missed before I let an order fly?

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