log law pots ratio?

I always thought log law was mid track resistance 10 percent of whole track. Just come across a stereo slider in a Yamaha mixer amp labelled A10K x2 , fair enough meaning log, but mid track is 25 percent of 10K . Natural log rather than to base 10 ? 2527

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" Nutcase Kook = Fuckwit "

** A virtually impossibility....

** Yup.

** Nope.

** A = Audio Taper.

C or D = log.

E = reverse log.

Audio taper is a marketing compromise curve that sells amplifiers.

..... Phil

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Phil Allison

No. That's D-Taper, the pot I was after.


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Phils smoking pot again...

Adrian C
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Adrian C

A tapir is an ungulate animal. See...

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William Sommerwerck

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